Network Solutions

Network Solutions


Networking Solutions are highly mandatory for success of any organization. At Proactive we offer reliable stability and flexibility in our networking solutions; which is coupled with delivering robust performance. We deliver simplistic yet consistent solutions that are flexible and can moulded in accordance to client requirements. Proactive delivers single, scalable and secure IP network and which can be customized based on the changing business needs.

Dhavat Infotech Private Limited provide professional networking services including Wireless Networking, Lab Networking, Wired Networking, Computer Networking, Computer Network Design, Computer Network Installation, Computer Network Service and Networking Security. Also We offer a wide range of computer services, including emergency on-site Computer Repair, Internet and Network virus removal, Network data recovery, Offsite backup and Online data backup. Our Network Service professionals are offering you the infrastructure to increase your IT capabilities for the foreseeable future we pride ourselves in giving the highest possible Network service support available in the industry. By offering fast and customized support we guarantee smooth operation and integration of information technologies into your business

Dhavat Infotech Private Limited have been helping their customers to realize the business benefits of networking through increasing productivity and business flexibility and reducing operational costs. Our solutions are cost effective and they are able to integrate the multi vendor solutions that can be customized to suit individual requirements of corporate. We therefore offer an integrated solution approach to our client; which is cost effective and also helps in increasing client productivity.

Dhavat Infotech Private Limited network solution involves setting up of workgroups and groupware based on Windows NT Server and Linux platforms. This involves

  •   Setting up of department server
  •   Setting up of web server
  •   Setting up of database server
  •   Setting up spam protection server

We aim at providing a comprehensive suite that includes the following services :

  •  Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization
  •  Campus Switching and Routing running voice, video and Data
  •  Wireless LAN Solutions
  •  VPN and Network Security Solutions
  •  IP TelephonyConfiguring Gateways with WAN links over Frame-relay / Analog and Digital leased circuits / ISDN PRI/BRI/dial-up / Broadband
  •  Media conversion technologies such as UTP to Fiber(single mode / Multimode)
  •  Third Party Content Management and load balancing solutions
  •  LAN Infrastructure Audit and Analysis
  •  WAN Traffic Audit, Analysis, Monitoring, and Shaping Enterprise Network Support

In fact our solutions are tried and tested many times before delivering them to the clients. This ensures optimum capacity of solutions to be delivered to and also greater efficiency that is available from an upgraded network. These are required to increase profitability and leverage the business to success path. Proactive provides complete range of Cisco Switches and Routers to deliver a superior customer experience, increased architectural scalability, and investment protection.

Therefore, our understanding of the fact that the Networking solutions are pivotal for company's success; help in ensuring that we deliver the best! Also "Dhavat Infotech Pvt. Ltd" longevity and experience as a leader in the practices of networking solutions and managed services make us ideally suited to become the partner of choice for enterprise-wide deployments of mobility and wireless products and services.