Live Streaming


Dhavat Infotech Private Limited specialised in providing end-to-end video streaming solutions. We provide a comprehensive service for webcasting live events from concerts, conferences, ceremonies and product launches over the internet.

Our live streaming media and webcasting facilities allows you to deliver audio and video in real time from and to anywhere in the world. Our mission is to create engaging and immersive customer experiences, which employ a mixture of graphic design, user interface and technical expertise with creative discipline and our approach to design, style and artistic expression with a pragmatic awareness of the need to create interactive applications and services that are simple, intuitive and cost-effective.

We do pre-event testing, which will ensure that everything goes smoothly and can provide either on-site or remote support prior to and during the webcasts. We will provide you with demo code to help your web designers incorporate the streams into your website or we can create web pages for you. During the event, we monitor all streams for availability and performance and for concurrent number of viewers.

You will be able to If you are new to Online, streaming you will find our advisors happy to take you through the process systematically until you are comfortable with the task in hand. We are always happy to set up a free trial, including encoding one of your files, so you can be completely confident that everything will work, as you want it.